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Altus Global Capital is dedicated to the structure and implementation of bespoke finance packages tailored to individual customer requirements.
We see our solutions being used by private sector companies, government and public sector organisations alike. We look to engage with our customers as the trusted advisor and the first choice in all finance, cash flow and structured project opportunities.

We have an extensive range of finance products available to our customers.
These include but are not limited to:

Financial Solutions Tailored To Your Needs 

We aim to develop close confidential business relationships with our clients and work in tandem with them to explore the best financial fit for each opportunity as that opportunity arises. We will take into account all aspects of every clients individual needs and requirements allowing us to determine the best possible solution not only for the current opportunity but also looking forward to the clients' future plans.


At Altus Global Capital we have over 100 years of combined experience in the financial markets. We have the ability to quickly react to any customer requirement and pool our combine skills and knowledge. We specilaise in building close relationships with all our vendors and customers alike and deliver flexible, innovative financial solutions to all our customers.

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