Asset Based Lending

This releases cash against a basket of assets held by a company in order to meet the business needs.

The variety and mix of assets will vary on a deal by deal basis. The funds generated can often allow a business to sustain or accelerate turnover or, as often is the case to provide support for a Management Buy-Out, Management Buy-In or Acquisition.

Assets normally accepted

Sales Ledger (Receivables)
Funding generated usually by a disclosed or confidential invoice discounting facility.

Following a 3rd party valuation (and subsequently ongoing) the funder will agree a rolling advance against the agreed stock valuation

Asset Finance
Again following 3rd party valuation, funding is generated against unencumbered assets for a fixed period

Again against a 3rd party valuation against the commercial property a loan is agreed for a fixed period

Letters of Credit
When drawn in favour of the client, a funder can generate cash against a discounted value


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Asset Based Lending
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