Sale and Lease Back

Sale and Lease Back is a flexible finance product that will allow a customer to unlock the value of equipment previously purchased by capital investment. These additional funds can then be re-invested into the customers business to assist with other developments.

  • Equipment values can range from £25,000.00 to £10m+
  • The amount of funds available to the customer will be dependant on the current valuation of the equipment and the written down book value.
  • Payments can be flexible and structured to match the customers cash flow
  • At the end of the agreement title to the equipment will pass back to the customer providing all the commitments have been met.
  • The types of equipment best suited to Sale and Lease Back or those with longer life cycles.

A sale and lease back agreement can also be used by the customer to allow them to negotiate with a supplier the best possible price for a cash sale and then implement a sale and lease back agreement. This gives the customer the best deal with the supplier without being side tracked by any in-house finance arrangements.

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Sale & Lease Back
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